Lynne Chwyl

New Year, New Band!!

I promised 2017 would be a good year and it’s shaping up nicely!

The new Lynne Chwyl Band is getting ready to hit the stage in the very near future! Stay tuned for our upcoming poster with details, coming soon!!

I’ve really missed you all and I couldn’t be happier with this band of minstrels on the journey with me! See you soon!!

Edmonton’s Women of Song 2016

Edmonton musicians band together for annual breast cancer fundraiser By Andrea Wong Breast cancer awareness month is quickly approaching, which means that a certain group of female artists will be returning to the stage on Oct. 2. Mics in hand, instruments at the ready, and strong looks of determination on their faces, these united Women… Continue Reading

Recording session!

I’ll be rehearsing for a recording session next week! Very excited! Working with some of my favourite musicians too! 😎❤️👍Stay tuned…more info in the weeks to come! Continue Reading

Good Buddies Blues Band

July 3, 2016 – I met Dillon last night at Shakers watching The Rusty Reed Band. In this video, Dillon is playing the xylophone. (At least I think that’s him?) I have a Niece who is “special needs” and she LOVES to sing! Anyone interested in helping me start a group like this here? ~ Lynne Continue Reading

Episode II

Episode II

Hi! Welcome back and thanks for sticking with me! Xo I hope you enjoy this next episode — Episode II — of Lynnie Sings! 25 years after high school…. I was that person. You know, that one you pull up beside at a red light and look over at to find them singing to themselves… Continue Reading

Episode 1

Episode 1

Welcome to Episode I of Lynnie Sings! Got that comfy chair? A nice warm beverage? (Or cold…lol) OK…here goes… I grew up with my older and younger brother on a small hobby farm, east of Edmonton, in the rural district of Ardrossan, Alberta. It was at an early age—around five years old— that my love… Continue Reading

Well hello, there! So nice of you to drop by. Im so excited to be launching my very first website! Thank you for sharing this milestone with me. It’s been quite a journey- from that very first vocal competition I entered a few years ago – to my own website and a CD in my somewhat… Continue Reading